Every Soil has a Story.

Dr Dirt’s K-12 Soil Science Outreach

Soil Science is STEAM!

Soil is the foundation of all terrestrial ecosystems and because it is always underfoot, it is often overlooked and nearly always underappreciated.

Dr. Dirt has a passion for telling others about Soil and has been developing simple activities to demonstrate the importance for more than 25 years.

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What is this one’s story? It is an aggregate from a poorly drained soil: the gray areas represent an anaerobic (reducing) environment, the black is topsoil transported down by a crawdad, and the orange surrounding it is from the aerobic (oxidizing) environment created as oxygen followed the crawdad burrow.

Activities and educational information about soil, because Soil Is Awesome!

Have you ever made a soil you can eat? Try Dirt Pudding, Dr. Dirt Style!

The Soil Science Society of America has a K-12 Outreach Committee that has been developing materials for kids and teachers since about 2005 and has written a book for Middle School and one for advanced high school environmental science/introductory college soils courses. You can find these materials here: